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The purpose of the CSC Scholarships is to support and encourage the pursuit of higher education for ALL Cannon dependents.

The Cannon Spouses' Club strongly supports education and learning for all spouses and military family members. In an effort to provide Cannon dependents with opportunitiesin higher education, we offer an annual scholarship to college students of all levels (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, vocational, and technical).

Applications for these scholarships are based on competitive GPA, extra-curricular activities, an essay and a letter of recommendation. 

Have questions about scholarship eligibility? Contact us at for more information.


Scholarship Winners 


Cannon AFB Spouses' Club is proud to announce that it has bestowed $14,000 worth of scholarships to 12 welldeserving recipients. See a list of the winners below:


Spouse Winners

Jennifer Moran

Caitlin Robb Tye

Natalie Shober (Mejia)

Sarah Neal

Reanelle Singkhaophet

Lydia Hanneken

Annalee Burns

Tiffany Campion


Graduating Senior Winners

Kristine David

Sabastian Eisenbraun

Gabriella Loniewski

Anni Kenyon



Congratulations to all winners and good luck in your academic endeavors!