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In addition to serving as a social organization, the Cannon Spouses’ Club raises money for worthwhile causes in the community and college scholarships. These funds come from sales at  the Cannon Thrift Shop on Cannon Air Force Base as well as from other fund-raising projects.

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Donations Requests

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Our mission is to increase the morale and welfare of the Cannon Air Force Base military spouse and local communities through meaningful and consistent morale and fundraising events.

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"Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much." Helen Keller



The purpose of the CSC Scholarships is to support and encourage the pursuit of higher education for ALL Cannon dependents.

The Cannon Spouses' Club strongly supports education and learning for all spouses and military family members. In an effort to provide Cannon dependents with opportunities in higher education, we offer an annual scholarship to college students of all levels (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, vocational, and technical).

Applications for these scholarships are based on competitive GPA, extra-curricular activities, an essay and a letter of recommendation. 

We take pride in supporting military dependents stationed at Cannon AFB through educational scholarships! Thank you for your interest in Cannon Spouses’ Club scholarships.  This year’s application deadline has passed and no other applications will be considered for the 2019-2020 board year.  Thank you to all who applied and good luck! 


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We are able to support numerous local and national organizations with your support.

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Cannon Spouses' Club

The Cannon Spouses' Club is focused on supporting and inspiring our local military spouse community through inclusive and uplifting morale events as well as philanthropic works within the base and local community. 

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