Article I: Name and Purpose
Article II: General Provisions
Article III: Officers and Governing Body
Article IV: Membership or Patronage
Article V: Methods of Financing
Article VI: Fundraisers
Article VII: Meetings and Quorums
Article VIII: Adoption and Amendments
Article IX: Dissolution
Article X: Insurance Coverage
Article I: Duties of Officers
Article II: Elections and Voting
Article III: Dues or Fees
Article IV: Committees
Article V: Finances and Taxes
Article VI: Insurance Coverage
Article VII: Awards and Gifts
Article VIII: Distribution to Members
Article IX: Adoption
Cannon Spouses' Club

The Cannon Spouses' Club is focused on supporting and inspiring our local military spouse community through inclusive and uplifting morale events as well as philanthropic works within the base and local community. 

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