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To request a donation from the Cannon Spouses' Club (CSC), please fill out this form as completely and in as much detail as possible. Donation requests require 30 days minimum to process. If additional information is required we will call or email you. We encourage you to make your request as early as possible. For submission and planning purposes, please note that our board meetings occur on the first Tuesday of each month. All requests must be completed and received by close of business on the last Tuesday of the previous month. Any requests received after that time will be held until the following month.

Our mission is to increase the morale and welfare of the Cannon AFB military spouses and local communities, through meaningful and consistent morale and fundraising events. The Cannon Spouses' Club coordinates and distributes annual college scholarships for spouses and high school seniors assigned to Cannon AFB.  For the 2021-2022 board year, our donations will be focused on providing support to our local military members and their families.  We are excited to be a part of making Cannon AFB and the surrounding communities better!

Please send any questions concerning your request to

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